Lords Of Vegas

If Las Vegas did not exist, you would have to invent it. It's 1950 and you're a real estate developer in a struggling desert town in undeveloped southern Nevada.
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(GAME SUMMARY) Drake says: "You and your opponents represent powerful developers in a burgeoning Nevada city. You will earn money and prestige by building the biggest and most profitable casinos on "The Strip," the town's backbone of dust and sin. You start with nothing but parking lots and dreams, but from there you build, sprawl, reorganize and gamble your way to victory. Score the most points investing in the most profitable development companies and putting the best bosses in control of the richest casinos. Put your dollars on the line . . . it's time to roll!" (TIPS/COMMENTS) John says: "Lords Of Vegas is a fun, middle-weight strategy game with a great casino theme and neat use of dice. Recommended! " Designer: James Ernest & Mike Selinker Description: If Las Vegas did not exist, you would have to invent it. It's 1950 and you're a real estate developer in a struggling desert town in undeveloped southern Nevada. Millions of wealthy tourists from nearby Los Angeles might be willing to drive here on their vacations, spending billions of their hard-earned dollars, if only you produced something. But your town has nothing to offer but sand, hot weather, and the world's most unsophisticated gambling laws. Your brilliant plan? Erect a forest of casinos and sell the tourists absolutely nothing. Contents:

  • 1 Snazzy Gameboard
  • 12 Turn Summaries
  • 55 Cards
  • 40 Chips In 4 Colors
  • 48 Dice In 4 Colors
  • 4 Poker Chips
  • Lots Of Money
  • 45 Casino Blocks
  • 1 Rule Booklet
12 +60-902-4 Check out "Lords Of Vegas" on BoardGameGeek.com!

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