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Thumbies: Grand-Size 14k Gold Handprint, Oval Thumbies fingerprint memorial jewelry gives families and friends the unique opportunity to immortalize the fingerprint of their loved one in a precision-embossed precious-metal charm. A fingerprint can be incorporated into a number of styles of memorial jewelry, including memorial jewelry pendants, tie-tacks and cufflinks. One or two synthetic birthstones or real gemstones may be added to the grand-size 14k gold handprint, oval pendant. Grand Dimensions: 1" long by 3/4" wide. The final fingerprint in gold or silver will be delivered 4 weeks from the date we receive the order.  Thumbies pendants do not hold ashes.

How do I collect fingerprints? We suggest using a "baby/child-safe" or "non-toxic" ink pad and plain white paper (no lines). Black ink works best. Begin by studying the thumb of the person whose print is being taken. Select the area of the thumb that is the most interesting. It is generally the area on the pad of the thumb where the ridges swirl. This is the area you will want to ink.

Practice taking prints on any blank white sheet of paper. Lightly touch the inked surface twice and then press downward on the paper. Use more of a tapping motion than a rolling one. When you are satisfied with the look of the practice prints, place five good prints along the bottom of plain white paper or a white card. Artisans will select the clearest portion of the best print for casting. 

Scan prints at 600 dpi and save in jpg. format.

Email digital files to: Please include order number.

Or mail a hardcopy (do not send originals) to: Memorial Gallery P.O. Box 679, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.  Call 253-649-0567 if you require assistance.

Original 2D ink print (left) shown with resulting 3D pendant (right). The finished cast replicates all of the ridges and life lines in the original print. The quality of the finished keepsake is dependent on the quality of the print taken.

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