Siphon Blower

Bill Van Gilder Siphon Glaze Blower
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"This is one of the most efficient glazing tools you'll ever use. This traditional Japanese oral spray tool is simple to use and only requires a gentle blowing from your mouth. You will broaden your decorating techniques repertoire as you build multiple slip and glaze surfaces onto your work. Spot spray or feather layers of glaze onto the shoulder of a pot, at the foot, or subtly highlight knobs and handles. Spray over glaze mistakes and unwanted finger marks. Spray slip or glaze over paper or cardboard silhouettes; or patch-spray an organized or random pattern across or around a pot. Rather than dip or pour glaze over that large pot, spray it! Use your water-filled spray-can to mist and dampen leather-hard works in progress. No more worn-out pump bottles to deal with! For extensive layered applications, have several spray cans loaded and on hand. Lightly pressure each can, in turn, onto your compressor nozzle to quickly change colors - without the hassle of constantly cleaning up spray guns and bottle containers! The no-clog design allows for hours of efficient spraying. These spray cans clean up easily by just rinsing under running water.  Remember, if the glaze is too thick, you won’t be able to spray it.  Thinner glazes work best, so you may need to apply more than one coat. These spray cans clean up easily by just rinsing under running water." Warning! When using the Siphon Blower with a compressor feed and air-jet, use an appropriate spray booth and wear a mask as you would with any spray gun which atomizes the glaze into a fine mist.When using the Siphon Blower to blow on glaze, make certain the mouth piece is clean and free of any glaze debris before blowing into it.

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