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Activator I

     ACTIVATOR Original Version is reasearch supported high speed low force instrument for all areas of the spine.The ACTIVATOR original is also great for adjusting the extremities.The ACTIVATOR original is back by 30 years of experience and research!

The ACTIVATOR allows you to effectively treat a patient. The new lighter pre-load spring is perfect for use on the more tender areas of the body. The ACTIVATOR setting is perfect for treating, cervicals, TMJ, children, and small body frames. The ACTIVATOR features that help make every day practice less stressful. What Is a Chiropractic Activator? A chiropracticactivator is a tool used by chiropractors. It is a small hand-held instrument used to realign bones. It was designed to be an alternative method to the manual techniques chiropractors employ to manipulate the spine. Traditionally chiropractors use different body positions and movements accompanied by a manual or hands-on pressure to compel vertebral subluxations back into place. A vertebral subluxation is when the spine or a portion of the bones in the spine are out of place. By putting them back where they belong — called an adjustment — the body is able to work more efficiently.

Optional Parts:


Keep your ACTIVATOR by your side.The convienient genuine leather holstercomes with a clip toa belt,skirt or pants.Attractive design fits both men and women,fits all ACTIVATOR instruments! Only optional color for ACTIVATOR holster is black

Grey ACTIVATOR Tips Replace the tips on your ACTIVATOR adjusting instrument.Tips come in a set of Five.


Add a new level of comfort to you ACTIVATOR  instrument with the ACTIVATOR palm pad.Made of Durable silicone rubber this ACTIVATOR palm pad has a high use life.It also has the ACTIVATOR Methods branding molded into the pad.

ACTIVATOR Finger Pad Add a new level of comfort to you ACTIVATOR instrument with the ACTIVATOR finger pad.Made of Durable silicone rubber this ACTIVATOR finger pad has a high use life.

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