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Vitalityenhances sexual and reproductive functions; increases vitality and stamina. Strengthens the Kidney function that is seen as the source of male and female sexual energy. Because it is works to change the underlying constitution of the person, it gradually builds the sexual energy. Depending on the degree of sexual depletion some individuals may need to take up to one month for maximum results. Use 3-4 capsules 3 times per day. We recommend starting with a lower dosage (one capsule three times a day) and increase if necessary.

Contains: Morindae (Ba Ji Tian), Angelicae Sinensis (Dang Gui), Eucommiae (Du Zhong), Aconiti Lateralis Praeparata (Fu Zi), Lycii (Gou Qi Zi), Allii tuberosi (Jiu Cai Zi), Ginseng (Ren Shen), Cinnamomi (Rou Gui), Dioscoreae (Shan Yao), Corni (Shan Zhu Yu), Cnidii (She Chuang Zi), Prepared Rehmanniae (Shu Di Huang), Cynomorii (Suo Yang), Cuscutae (Tu Si Zi), Epimedii (Yin Yang Huo)

Notes: This formula contains many Yang tonifying herbs which are very warming. Because the herbs are rather strong sometimes the energy can get blocked in the liver and cause irritibility. If this occurs, reduce the dosage. You can also take Tienchi Tablets with this formula to counter this effect.

Size: 100 capsules

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