CEL Silylated Microarray Slides 25 per box frosted ends

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CEL's vantage aldehyde slides covalently bind tissue, cells or single or double-stranded DNA directly to the glass surface of a high quality microscope slide via the Schiff base aldehyde-amine chemistry (lysine residues of proteins, primary amines of DNA bases, or via synthetic DNA bases bearing amino-modifications). The covalent binding of cells, sections or polynucleotides to vantage aldehyde slides diminishes sample loss during the course of experiments. Covalently bound samples permit more harsh wash steps, which reduce background and allow for greater sensitivity. Additionally, CEL's Slides are treated to remove trace nuclease contamination, which is especially important when performing in situ hybridization or DNA chip experiments. This type of slide has been used for in situ hybridization detection of HIV-1 infected cells and for detecting rare human transcripts in gene expression studies (Schena et al., PNAS 93, 10614-10619, 1996). Silylated Slides are offered in a 25 micro slide. International pricing may vary by 10% to 20% due to costs associated with import taxes, duties, customs clearance and shipping.

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