Castle Of The Soul (CD) Liam Lawton

Includes: Create in Me/Crea en Mi, Into the Quiet God Calls You, So Longs My Soul, and Christ Has No Body Now But Yours.
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Castle Of The Soul (CD) Songs of Contemplation and Consolation Liam Lawton / Tony Alonso / Chris de Silva Songs: 1)Castle of the Soul 2)Into the Quiet, God Calls You 3)Create in Me/Crea en Mi 4)So Longs My Soul 5)Our Hearts Are Restless 6)I Am Standing Waiting 7)With Great Love 8)Veni, Sancte Spiritus 9)Laudamus Te 10)And Jesus Said 11)Even We Praise You 12)Christ Has No Body Now But Yours Inspired by some of the most beautiful texts of those mystics who sought a divine encounter with God, the music and lyrics of Castle of the Soul (CD) by Liam Lawton and Tony Alonso call to us and encourage us to discover our own “interior castle” or “soul within.” Songs like “Into the Quiet, God Calls You,” “Our Hearts Are Restless,” and the title track, “Castle of the Soul,” all express our deep longing for God's existence in our lives. “They are an invitation to all who live in a world of pressure and deadlines to come away into the quiet and discover the eternal beauty of God's presence.” —Tony Alonso and Liam Lawton. This recording is filled with gentle, meditative music that will draw you on a journey ever inward to find your own castle of the soul. Accept God's invitation—enter in.

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