Visual Bible for Kids: The Story You Can Believe In & The Stories of Jesus - DVD

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The Story You Can Believe In: Allyson is trying to find a way to change her attitude. It isn't good, and no wonder--like many teens today, she comes from a broken home, and experiences feelings of despair more often than not. She finds herself avoiding commitment, and her grades slip to the point where she has some heavy-duty decisions to make. Either she find a new attitude or she will face expulsion. This is a dramatic story of how God has the power to change lives--even fractured lives like Allyson's. In a complicated world that sometimes feels like a runaway train, this story offers hope in the midst of crisis. God uses a sympathetic teacher to encourage Allyson and give her a Reason to begin again. The Stories of Jesus: Special guest star, Bibleman, shows kids how Jesus felt emotions just like them--sadness, anger, and happiness. This story takes us to Miss Hamilton's class, as they arrive at a movie theater to watch the opening of Bibleman's latest adventure movie. When the kids pick up on the movie director's attitude toward them (they get on his nerves), Bibleman uses it as an opportunity to discuss Jesus's reaction to people who weren't exactly welcoming. When different accidents begin to happen, the grouchy director loses it and Bibleman steps in to show him the error of his way. An exciting scene at the end convinces the kids that this is the most adventurous field trip they've ever taken.

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  • Distributor: Noah's Ark Distribution
  • Mfg#: 73871
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