Batia and Aleeza Bio-Protein Curly Hair Shampoo 16oz

Penetrates the hair follicle, strengthening and revitalizing each strand of hair.
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Batia and Aleeza Bio-Protein Curly Hair Shampoo 16oz The unique blend of organic extracts used in the Bio-Natural Shampoo gives hair a healthy, beautiful shine. Although our shampoo is formulated for all types of hair, it has proven highly effective on curly and wavy hair. By isolating specific components in Wild Cherry Bark, Quillaja, Lavender, Rosemary, Orange Peel, Golden Seal Root and Henna, our shampoo penetrates the hair follicle, strengthening and revitalizing each strand of hair. Our Bio-Natural Shampoo gives curly hair a soft and natural look, without the frizz. Unlike other products that claim to tame frizz, our shampoo leaves hair feeling light and clean, without extra buildup. The first of the products offered in our Complete Hair Solution, this shampoo is intended to be used everyday to achieve maximum results. Ingredients:Aloe Vera Sometime referred to as the "pharmacy plant", Aloe Vera is an expert in holding in moisture as it grows predominantly in hot and dry regions from around the world. What better remedy from nature to help hair damaged by the hot sun hold on to its moisture and prevent drying that can cause hair to go limp. Calendula This herb is also commonly known as the marigold and has been used throughout time as restorative herb for skin. It is then no surprise that Batia & Aleeza have used this herb in their shampoo to revitalize the scalp and its delicate hair follicles. Comfrey Leaf Extract A plant used by many for years as an herbal medicine has been used to treat cancer in the United States or to treat wounds. This deep-rooted herb will help to heal your poor scalp that has to endure all the stresses of the day that you do. Gotu Kola Naturally inhabiting the Asian region of Singapore, the consumption of Gotu Kola is thought to bring youthfulness. Used anciently as a poultice to treat breaks in the skin, Gotu Kola is used in our products to treat dry itchy scalps with the embalming power of nature. Ginseng Found in the jungles of Vietnam, this herb is thought to balance out excess yang tendencies which translate into over activeness or stress. This herb is thought to calm down the stressful soul and promote hair growth and healing. Lavender Extract In the marketplaces of ancient Rome, this herb could sell for as much as an entire month's wage of the common man. While slightly less expensive, the value of this herb manifests itself in healing your scalp and hair while massaging your sense of smell. Orange Extract Capturing the warmth of the sun and the sweetness of citrus, this ingredient adds to the aromatherapy experience in your shower. Panthenol A biological alcohol that promotes cell growth in the skin and acts as a sealant for the hair, binding moisture in and leaving a shiny coat. Phytantriol A chemical that has proven apt to protecting hair from heat damage is the perfect ingredient to allow subsequent styling of hair with instruments that utilize heat as part of the styling process. Propylene Glycol A chemical that restores moisture to your hair and scalp. Rice, Corn, Whole Wheat Extract Common staples of our everyday lives, these extracts help restore the lost moisture we get from living. Rosehips An herbal remedy that is rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C. This ingredient restores the vitamins to your hair giving you volume and strength lost in the wear and tear of daily life. Rosemary An herb common in most spice racks and very popular in the aromatherapy world. Rosemary was anciently held as a symbol of fidelity. In the shower, this hair revitalizes your senses through its calming fragrance and encourages growth at the roots of your hair. Spirulina Extract One of the few sources of the B12 Vitamin in vegetation, this plant is a great source for protein and is believed to have protective and tightening qualities on skin.

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