Diamancel #20 The Conqueror

An industrial-strength, furiously fast-acting foot file that takes care of thick, dry, and cracked callus buildup. Follow up with the Diamancel #11 The Tough Buffer.
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what is it? Diamancel Foot Files are nickel-coated flexible fiberglass files, electroplated with industrial grade diamond chips, so they rarely (if ever) wear out. The Diamancel Conqueror is an amazingly effective diamond-sided rasp that easily buffs away corns, calluses and other rough spots. The genius behind Diamancel designed the Conqueror to replace the conventional blades used in spa and salon pedicures. Easy and safe to use, this professional strength file uses diamond dust to quickly slough away dead skin cells (no matter how tough). It's an incredible way to keep even the most frazzled feet soft between pedicuring sessions. TheDiamancel #11 The Tough Bufferis a bigger paddled, soft-handled buffer that smoothes, buffs, refinishes and fully refines your feet. why? Because diamonds are (almost) forever. Once you've tried Diamancel, other files just fall short. where? Use your Diamancel Foot Files to buff away dry and cracked heels, top-of-the toe corns and to smooth over other tough areas. Want some equally great files for manicuring your hands? Diamancel's Nail and Finger-Callus Files are just as fabulous. who? Are your feet best described as frightening? Diamancel makes the buffers of choice for those sporting calluses, corns or hardened heels. when? Use Diamancel's Foot Files before you shower or bathe because they buff better on DRY feet. (They are like sandpaper ... which works better on dry wood, except they're diamond-sided.)

instructions Use as your first step! This powerful file will safely sand-off hard corns and major calluses. Ideal for dry, thick cracked heels. For a smooth finish, follow with Diamancel Foot buffer #10 or #11. blisstips • If you plan to 'double file' (use more than one Diamancel Foot file), use your before your Tough Buffer. If you plan on going 'single file', we recommend the all-purpose Tough Buffer. • Want feather-soft feet year round? After buffing with the appropriate combination of foot files, don our super popularBliss Softening Socks(over a conditioning layer ofBliss Softening Sock Salve) and watch your feet turn from tough to totally tender in twenty minutes.Bliss Foot Patrol, our alpha-hydroxy acid enriched, peppermint and aloe packed better-than-a-pedicure cream, is also recommended as a great daily dose of softening. If your feet are totally beat, give them a scrubbing with our seriously coolingBliss Super Minty Soap'n Scrubbefore you get in the tub.

ingredients Nickel-coated flexible fiberglass files, electroplated with industrial grade diamond chips.

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