NiMH Battery Pack: 4.8V 4200mAh with Smart Charger

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Packing  4 pcs High quality Powerizer brand Sc 4200 mAh NiMh Rechargeable battery. Voltage Voltage:4.8 (working) 5.68 V ( peak) 4.0V ( min.)Capacity 4200 mAh, (4.2Ah), 20WhPre-wired

 3.3' length cable (20 AWG) with 2-pins female universal connector

 8 detachable dc male plug tipsis included for connecting the battery pack to your device.

ChargerIncluded Multi Current Smart Charger for 4.8V-10.8V NiMH/NiCd battery pack + connector adaptor to recharge the battery pack.The charging time is around 2.52 hours by2.0A charging current Must connect with correct polarity.Plug Large male pin to Large female pin, Small male pin to Small female pinMax.Discharging Rate

 4.2 Amp 

Dimensions 4.0" (0.2mm) L x 1.6"(14mm) W x 1.0"(25mm) HWeight 9.0 Oz(255 grams)Smart Tips
  • please make sure (1) your DC input is between 4 - 5V (2) If one of 8 plug's diameter listed above can fit your camera
  • Perfect formost popular Fuji brand camera and any camera or PDA which has 5V DC input jack with round plug tips, compatible to
    • FUJI DX-10, MX-500, MX-600 ZOOM, MX-700, MX-1200, MX-1400, MX-1500, MX-1700 ZOOM, MX-2700, MX-2900, MX-6900
  • Please never short circuit the battery
  • Please don't discharge the battery pack below 4V ( 1.0 V / cell). Deep discharging may damage NiMH battery pack.
  • For more safety warning please see the link here
  • Please make sureyour DC input is between 4 - 5V.
  • Please make sure if one of 8 plug's diameter listed above can fit your camera
  • Please check and match the polarity of our connector to your device. We are NOT liable for any damage to your device due to reverse polarity

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