NiMH Battery Pack: 13.2V 5000mAh for replacement of Bike-lighting Battery (Trail-Tech Female plug)

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  • 13.2V , 5000mAh battery pack is made of 11 pcs high qualityNiMH C cells
  • Can be charged rapidly and discharged  up to 2 C rate ( 9 Amp)
  • One 7 Amp polyswitch  installed to limit  max. discharging current at 7.0 A and to protect wrong polarity
  • One 65 degree C Thermostat for protecting the battery from overcharge/discharge.
  • 4' long ofTrail-Tech Co-axis Female Plugfor charge/discharge terminal
  • Excluded one 4' long ofTrail-Tech Co-axis Male plug for you to connect wire to a lighting and plug it into battery pack.
    • Cut the light connector off then connect by included water-proof male plug connector.
    • Need additional connector?Please click here to order.
  • Can run 12-13W HID or Halogen bike light for 4.5 Hrs per charge, and 20% more power than standard 4000mAh battery
  • Battery dimension:  2.1" W x 2"H x 8.0"L (53.3 x 51 x 203.2mm) which fit in wide neck sport water bottles available at most sport stores.
  • Weight:  1000g. (35 oz) 
  • Must buy The 9.6-18V Universal Smart charger +the connector adaptor separately in order to charge the pack.

Here is " How " to build one:

Buy a Water bottle at K-MartBuy the battery from usDrill hole on cap of bottle ( seal it later by glue)Insert battery into  the bottleFind a connector to fit your systemThen, a 13.2V water bottle battery  is done!          

Stop!! - Don't throw away that old Bike lighting system!!  You may need the old connector to link with the battery.  Many Mfgs make special and unavailable connector to make your life difficult. 

If you cannot find a connector, you may use ouruniversal connector/ cable  to rebuild  your lighting system. 

Finally, provides you an affordable solution to own a rechargeable bike lighting battery for just about any lighting system on the market: Nite Rider, Light & Motion, Turbo Cat, Night Sun, Marwi, BLT, Vista, Cygolite, Nite Hawk, or Performance View Point at better quality , and much lower price. is trying to make bike-light rechargeable battery simplier, cheaper , and better.  If you have any idea and suggestion,  please share with us via ourForum.

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