Li-Ion Rechargeable 2450 Button Cells: Two LR2450 , 3.6V 120 mAh ( 24d x 5t mm, 0.43Wh each ) (0.072)

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Specifications :  Li-ion 2450 button battery Model

Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity (mAh)max pulse discharge current (mA)diameterWeight


Max Discharge Current (mA)Cycle Life (Times)Diameter (mm)Thickness (mm)LIR24503.6012018024.55.05.235500


  • Short circuit protection during shipment:Come with yellow plastic insulator located between positive / negative polarity. 
    • Must remove plastic insulator before charged by Smart charger for Dual Li-Ion Bottun Cells 3.6V LIR 2450
  • Long service time:  Under normal condition and correct operation, LIR2450 battery can maintain 80% capacity after 500 cycles.
  • High energy density:  Batteries are easy to meet the mini equipment with small volume and lightweight.
  • High working voltage: About 3.6V working voltage, 3 times higher than NiCd or NiMh battery, it could reduce the amount of the battery needed.
  • No memory effect:  Without memory effect, LIR2450 battery could provide you enough power whenever and wherever you are.
  • Good consistency:  Manufacturing processes are under a strict control of ISO9000 quality control system, The capacity, internal resistance, discharge plateau and self-discharge of each battery has good consistency.
  • Safety:     built-in safety vent could prevent the cell from explode.
  • Money Saving:    In most case it can replace the CR2450 Lithium primary button cell . One LiR2450 =  200 pcs CR2450
  • Optional:  Solderable Tabs are available in product option (Please click above small picture to view)


  • Please only use our smart charger for LIR2450 button cell to charge the battery
    • Must remove plastic insulator before charged
  • Keep away from heat or fire;
  • Do not try to disassemble the battery or battery pack;
  • Do not short-circuit the battery, do not handle or store with metallic materials which can cause short-circuit;
  • Do not disposed the battery into water or contact with water;
  • Do not throw the battery or drop onto ground;
  • Do not punch or hammer the battery;
  • Use specified charger to charge battery;
  • Do not directly solder onto the battery;
  • Do not connect battery with reversed poles;
  • Do not use the battery in the unspecified applicant;
  • Do not mixed with primary cells or other kind of rechargeable battery;
  • Before use, the battery should be charged by specified charger;
  • Please read the instruct carefully before use.
For Detail Specification Data sheet, Please click here to Download

Side View after remove plastic insulator

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