Li-Ion 18650 Battery: 11.1 V 2400mah (26.6Wh) battery module with Protection IC + 0.8A Smart Charger (2.16)

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  • High quality 11.1V Li-Ion rechargeable battery made of three pcs High quality Sanyo/LG/Other Top Brand Korea cylindrical 18650, 2400mAh  cells withPCB (4.0A limited) and  4.2 Amp polyswitch for full protection 
  • 6" 18 AWG wire installed on the battery pack for charge / discharge terminal.
  • Capacity: 2400mah
  • Voltage: 10.8V  (Peak at 12.6V)
  • Dimension: 2.1" x 0.6"  x 2.5"  inch (Width x Thickness x Length)
  • Wrap by white PVC shrink.
  • Weight: 5.2 oz
  • Max. charge current: 1C (2.4A)
  • Max. discharge current  4.2A limited by 4.2 Amp polyswitch
  • Cut off voltage:  9V
  • No memory effect and longer storage life than NiMH battery
  • Totally environmental friendly. 100% recyclable
  • Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable battery.
  • You can make 10.8V 4Ah or 6Ah Li-Ion battery pack quickly by parallel connecting two or three PCB ready battery module.  Please don't make parallel connection with more than  three modules to avoid uneven charge.
  • Installed IC chip will prevent battery pack from over charge and over discharge.  It helps protect battery chemistry integrity and prolongs battery life.
  • Installed polyswitch will cut off power if battery discharging current more than 4.2A.  Please don't use this pack for  any application > 4.2 A discharging rate.
  • Perfect for building up 10.8V battery pack for RC toy, robots, and DVD external battery.
  • Included one0.8A Universal Smart Li-Ion battery charger is included to recharge this battery module. (4.5 hrs charging time)   


Li-Ion Battery may explode if charging or discharging improperly. User must have the knowledge how to charge and discharge Li-Ion battery before making Li-Ion Battery Pack. You must use our 0.8A Universal Smart Li-Ion battery charger to recharge the battery pack  (Never use conventional DC adapter to charge the battery module)We are NOT responsible for any damage that is caused by the misuse of the Li-Ion Battery

 Must read our battery knowledge:Why Li-ion battery pack has 0 voltage?  

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