Li-ion 14430 Cylindrical Rechargeable Cell: 3.7V 650mAh (4/5 AA size, 2.4Wh) UL / UN approved (NDGR)

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Product Details

  • Features:
  • 3.7V 14430 size Cylindrical Li-Ion Cell, which has same size as 4/5 AA 1.2V rechargeable battery, also called  short AA Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • No memory effect and longer storage life than NiMH Batteries
  • Lighter weight and higher energy density than any other rechargeable battery
  • 14430 cell has same size as  4/5 AA size battery,  but has 3 times higher voltage or energy density
  • It is perfect for building battery packs for RC air, RC car, and RC robots  which requires compact size, less weight and higher energy.
  • May choose 14430 cell with Tab as optional.
  • Specifications:

    Nominal Voltage   Average 3.7 VNominal Capacity                  650 mAh, Max.Charging current 0.65 A Max.Max.Discharging current 1.62 A (2.5c)max.Dimensions (Dia x H)14mm x 43mm or  0.55" x 1.7"Weight 0.6 oz (17g)Internal Impedance Internal Impedance: less or equal to 80 mohm (with PTC)Cycle Performance 80% of initial capacity at 300 cyclesDetail Data Sheet

    Please click here to download the product specifications


    • Li-Ion Batteries may explode if charged or discharged improperly.
    • You must possess knowledge of electronic and understand hot to handle Li-ion battery. 
    • We reserve the right not to sell and void the warranty it you don't meet the above statement.
    • You must use a protection IC (PCB) to keep battery from overcharge and over discharge
    • Never solder directly onto the Li-ion battery as overheat might cause battery to explode. If you are making a pack or need to solder batteries together, you need to get battery with tabs on it. You will solder to tabs instead directly onto the battery.
    • Please read more safety warning about Li-ion battery
    • For DIY, you may add tabs as an option at a little extra cost
    • If you DIY by yourself, you MUST install Our PCB or your own PCB with the following feature:
      • 4.2V/cell over-charge protection
      • 2.5V/cell over-discharge protection
      • Max current over-drain protection
      • Short circuit protection.  
    • won't liable for any mis-use due to any other brand of PCB applied 
    • You must choose  Our smart Li-Ion battery charger to charge the Li-Ion cell or pack. Never use conventional DC charger to recharge the Li-Ion battery.
    • It is perfect for building battery packs for RC air, RC car, and RC robots  which requires compact size, less weight and higher energy
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