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The Lucky Craft Pointer 78 XD is a extra-deep diving jerkbait. With the same look and design as the ever-popular Lucky Craft Pointer, the XD baits dive deeper than ever before. While the original Lucky Craft Pointers reach depths of around 3- to 4-feet and the Pointer DDs can dive to nearly 7 feet, the Pointer 78XD will easily reach depths of 8 feet or more. Most of the earlier Pointers, including the DD, have to be worked more slowly as they dive. The Pointer XD baits can reach depths of 8 feet while still being fished fast, which is a great advantage. This allows anglers to cover more water, check more spots and keep the bait in the strike zone longer. As it dives deeper, the Pointer XD baits will not lose the wobble or erratic action. The Pointer 78 XD is a great cold water bait. When the fish get lethargic and inactive, it is important to take the bait to them; not expect them to come and get it. Thats exactly what Lucky Craft has enabled anglers to do with this bait. As do all Lucky Craft baits, the Pointer XD jerkbaits run true straight out of the package. Often, many long-billed jerkbaits lose the ability to run true and stay precise. However, Lucky Craft has found a way to elongate the bills while keeping the baits true straight out of the package.





Pointer 78XD


1/3 oz.


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