Deps Realiser Crankbaits

Deps Realiser Crankbaits
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The Deps Realiser is a lure that defies categorization.  It was originally conceived on the shores of 's , where outsized bass feed on abundant bluegills.  The Deps Realiser presents a natural prey profile and subtle rolling action with no rattles to alert wary bass that it may be artificial.   It can be fished super fast to locate bass quickly or dead slow to entice wary fish.  The one of a kind round tapered lip, combined with a slender profile, allow the bait to dive up to 5 feet.  When paused it will slowly rise above a weedline toward the surface to mimic a feeding baitfish, so killing the retrieve will often trigger brutal strikes. The Deps Realiser is made with a holographic base and features a super fine detailed body and a feathered hook.  

ModelLengthDepthWeightTypeDeps Realiser(113mm) 4 1/2"3-5 ft.(10.2g) 1 1/2ozFloatingDeps Realiser Jr.(72mm) 2 3/4"2-4 ft.(14.2) 1/2ozFloating

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