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Scroll down to watch the Quadskidder videos! Serious ATV logging for the homeowner that heats their home with fire wood, the QuadSkidder is the ultimate ATV accessory. As a log skidder, this tool cant be beat. Professionals use this system to harvest their timber sales with low-impact logging. In our field tests, we pulled 20-foot-long green logs with 20-diameter butts with the QuadSkidder! The plate glides smoothly over uneven terrain and forest debris, from large rocks to small logs and sticks. The curve prevents unwanted plowing, unlike a standard choker chain that embeds your drag into the dirt, over-working your ATV.

There is no whiplash experience with this skidder. It is smooth in taking off and stopping. It works with friction in your favor. When enough pulling force is applied to the tow chains, the mechanical design lifts the logs and away you go. When that force is decreased, the load sets back to the ground and immediately comes to a stop. In this way, the ATV does not have to stop the load, as with a logging arch.

The reinforced edge on the heel acts as a cleat to help keep logs firmly in place. Use it to drag saw logs or firewood to the best place for splitting, loading or stacking. Or use the QuadSkidder to move boulders bigger than you can roll just chain it up and go. Vehicles other than ATVs can pull the QuadSkidder as well. The skid plate is made from a tough 1/4 solid steel plate that attaches with 5/16 G30 zinc-plated chains to any ATVs ball mount hole or ball hitch. Carries loads securely using the 1/4 chain binders (included). The skid plate weighs 67 pounds and measures 25" W x 34" L, chain set with box weighs 27 pounds.

As with all of Montana Jack's Utility ATV Accessories, the Quad-Skidder is sand blasted and then powder coated to provide a handsome, long lasting, durable finish. (Sand blasting is the very best metal preparation prior to powder coating. It may cost a little more, but it pays for itself in it's durability and lifespan.) The QuadSkidder package includes: Two 1/4 inch chain binders Three 5/16 inch quick links One 1/2 inch shackle Four 5/16 inch shackles One 5/16 inch grab hook with safety latch Seven 5/16 inch x 24 inch G30 zinc-plated chains Two 3/4 inch x 12 inch bunk pipes One Tool box (22"Lx7"Wx4"H)for hardware storage One 1/4 inch thick steel skid plate *Does not require the Montana Jack's Accessory receiver system.

This is what can happen to ATV's with Belt Drive Automatic Transmissions when pulling heavy loads, (such as logs and boulders) even in low range. The quad skidder will greatly reduce the amount of pulling force required thus helping to prevent these repairs which could easily exceed the cost of the quadskidder.


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