Bed Furniture Riser Lifts

Create an additional 5" of space under your bed with this set of four bed elevators. Put one under each leg for even elevation or use just 2 risers to lift the bed's foot or head to accommodate medical conditions.
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Bed Furniture Riser Lifts

Bed Furniture Riser Lifts Features:

  • Set of 4 spacers
  • Each spacer is 6" high
  • Fits up to 3" casters or posts
  • Made of high density molded plastic
  • Weight limitation 300 LBS. per spacer
  • Create more storage space under your bed
  • Great for college dorms or small apartments
  • Place spacers under the legs of your bed to add 5" in height

Do you have too much storage in your bedroom? Not likely. Most of us need more space to store our off-season clothes, infrequently used items such as holiday wrapping paper or hobby supplies. Think of the bedroom storage possibilities if you had 5 more inches of height under your bed!  Now you can store your extra comforters and blankets, your bulky winter coats, extra shoes... the list is endless.

The best part of all is that you are taking unused space and turning it into a useful storage area that hides your clutter. You'll look so organized.

Do you have a medical condition that requires your head, chest, or feet to be elevated?  Using just two of the risers, you can lift just the foot or head of your bed to accommodate these medical conditions. Used in this way, a set of four (4) bed frame risers can adjust the height on two separate beds. Create more storage space under the bed with this set of 4 bed risers. Create an additional 5'" of space under your bed with this set of four bed elevators.

Put one under each leg for even elevation, or use just 2 risers to lift the bed's foot or head to accommodate medical conditions. Each piece measures 5-3/4" H x 6-1/2" W at the base.  Fits up to 3'" casters or posts. Made of high-impact plastic and designed to withstand up to 300 lb. each (for a total load of 1200 pounds). The risers lift the bed 5 inches off the floor.

Raising your bed is the easiest way to create extra storage space. With all of your extra space you'll be able to use under bed storage boxes and crates to keep your accessories more organized. You'll be able to keep your seasonal clothes stored under your bed instead of using precious closet space. These Bed Risers feature a large square base to keep your bed steady. The durably safe Bed Risers are also known as lifts, stands and elevators for your bed and they are the original bed raising system. Whatever you call them they'll be sure to maximize your space.

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