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Manufacture: PRO-AQUA in Germany. !!! Call us and ask for PROMOTIONAL CODE !!!      Request a free demonstration. Package contest: 1-Base Unit, 1-Electro Nozzle, 1-Spray Extension Kit (Wet carpet Cleaning kit).

Financing available: terms 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months.


Health - our greatest asset

Do you, like many people, experience health problems after being enclosed in certain spaces? When lying in bed or petting your cat? If these problems include a runny nose, watery eyes, rashes, difficulty breathing or even asthma attacks, you're probably suffering from an allergy. If so, you�re not alone. According to the latest estimates, there are 10 to 20 million allergy sufferers in Germany alone, and the numbers are increasing.

House dust mites are tiny animals related to spiders that measure from 0.1 to 0.5 millimetres. They prefer to make their home in beds, where the living conditions are ideal. The sleeper maintains the temperature and humidity at a comfortable level, while the mite�s favourite food, skin scales, can be found in abundance. One gram of scales is enough to feed one million mites for a whole week � and each person loses about 1.5 grams of skin scales every night! So rest assured, you never sleep alone. But mites can also be found in carpets, sofas and curtains. The allergens are proteins present in the mites themselves and in their droppings.


We've cleared the air! Allergy and asthma sufferers aren�t the only ones to benefit: Within a very short time, PRO-AQUA washes the air and noticeably improves room climate. Clean air is healthy air!

A multi-talented powerhouse

The PRO-AQUA Room Cleaning System is a jack of all trades, valued for its diversity. In addition to complete room cleaning (which goes without saying!), PRO-AQUA performs the following tasks: • Wet vacuuming (removal of liquid) • Air washing • Room scenting • Inhalation • Bed and mattress cleaning • Carpet and upholstery cleaning • Vacuuming, and much more.


Standard attachments

• Floor nozzle with high-grade steel telescopic wand

• Upholstery nozzle

• Crevice nozzle

• 2 dusting brushesl

• 3-meter vacuum hose

• Accessory holder

• Hygiene & care agent

• Drain adapter

• Suction/Blast nozzle with flexible tube

• Natural hair brush

• Stainless steel telescopic wand

The PA03 Platinum Edition available in Sweden only PDF-Download


• Electro-nozzle with high-grade steel telescopic wand

This sturdy and efficient electric nozzle deep-cleans carpets, upholstery and mattresses quickly and thoroughly.

Spray Extension Kit

This specially-developed spray extension kit enables you to achieve a particularly high degree of cleanliness when dealing with extremely dirty upholstery or carpets. The cleaning agent is sprayed under pressure onto the upholstery or carpet and binds dirt together. The large volume of air flowing through the system now absorbs the moisture and dirt. Most stubborn stains and dirt can thus be dissolved and removed again.

Warning: use only Pro-Aqua cleaning agents!

1 Large carpet nozzle

5 Small upholstery nozzle

2 Extension tube

6 Fresh water tank

3 Extraction hose

7 Pro-Aqua cleaning agent

4 Handle

Special Attachments:

This comprehensive range of special attachments expands functionality even more. Specifically designed for the PRO-AQUA Room Cleaning System.

Switchable floor nozzle The switchable floor nozzle is particularly suitable for thorough and careful cleaning of smooth surfaces and carpets.

Hand turbo nozzle For particularly gentle and thorough cleaning of upholstery, car seats, etc.

Manual turbo nozzle (electric drive) Even more powerful with electric drive. Ideal for particularly easy and thorough cleaning of upholstery, car seats, etc.

Floor wiper Ideally suitable for hard floors and tiles. Vacuuming and wet wiping in a single operation!

Polishing machine Vacuums and polishes simultaneously, with an adjustable-height roller, easy to clean.

Pro-Aqua Squeegee Ideal for wet cleaning of smooth surfaces, such as tiles, PVC, linoleum, etc.

Floor turbo nozzle (air drive) The floor turbo nozzle enables an efficient cleaning of all plain surfaces and carpets.

Window cleaner Thorough cleaning of all window surfaces without cleaning agents.

Stain remover Removes stubborn stains. Apply by spraying, allow it to work in briefly and vacuum with the spray extension kit.

Air freshner/Air freshner mini The Pro-Aqua air freshner neutralises unpleasant odours, bacteria and contaminated air. Contaminated air is vacuumed and cleaned or scented air flows back out.

Curry comb The Pro-Aqua Curry comb with extended hose is the best choice to groom your horse or your dog's coat.

Fragrance oils For use with the Air freshners or the Room Cleaning System. Just add a few drops to the water and your rooms will be filled with a pleasant odour within a few minutes. The range of our Fragrance oils varies seasonably.

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