Academic Adobe Authorware 7 for Windows Concurrent License Tier Level 3

License Only 500 Points Each
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This product is part of the Adobe Contractual License Program (CLP). Only accredited schools may purchase this product. You must sign a two year contract and the initial order must be a minimum of 5,000 points. Each product is given a point value. You can mix and match products to get to 5,000 points. For example 6 Design Premium licenses at 600 points each (3,600 Points) and 5 Photoshop Extended licenses at 300 points each (1,500 Points) would give you the minimum purchase requirement of 5,000 points. Adobe has 3 price levels. The price levels are Tier 1 (5,000-49,999 points), Tier 2 (50,000 to 99,999) and Tier 3 (100,000 or more points). Selection of price level is based on the total points for the order. Schools can qualify for deeper discount level when additional orders during those 2-year exceeds the minimum for the next discount level. For example, if your initial order is for 30,000 points (all products on the order would be priced at Tier 1), and your next order is for 20,000 points (all products on the order would be priced at Tier 1), then your next order would be priced at Tier 2. However, all these orders should be made within 2 years. The license itself is just a piece of paper with the serial number giving you the legal right to load the software on the computer. Software used for installation is available via download from Adobe with every license purchase at no additional cost. Physical media may be purchased separately if you prefer to have actual CD's or DVD's. For a complete list of products in the CLP Program click on Schools and then Adobe CLP Program License Program. Should you have any questions regarding this program or the Adobe Student Licensing, please call us at (818) 347-1100 and ask for the licensing desk. License Only 500 Points Each

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