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PLEASE NOTE: For college/grad school student use only. Teachers, schools, and K-12 students are not eligible and may not purchase this product.  We can ship within the 50 states of the U.S. only. You may install the software on up to two (2) computers.  License is good for 12 months.  If needed you can order the 2 or 3 year version by clicking here.  If you need the new version 21, click here. Runs on Windows and Mac OS 10.6, and 10.7 (Lion) computers. Shipping: ships out next business day after you place your order. Top reasons why this product is not available as a download: 1.  Many sites that offer downloads are actually selling pirated or counterfeit software.  Oftentimes you won't know it is pirated until you have already provided your credit card information.  They will not accept buyer-protected payment by PayPal or Google Checkout.  Also, do they have independent reviews by actual customers?  If you don't see any, then beware.  See our customer reviews by clicking here. 2. Download sites do not allow returns or refunds.  Check their return policy carefully and you will see for yourself.  They often make the return policy very difficult to find.  What if you don't need the software later and never used it?  What if you purchase the wrong version or drop the class that you purchased it for?  You could be out of a lot of money.  Our hassle-free return policy allows returns on unopened software up to 30 days after purchase.  See it for yourself here. 3. The true SPSS software is over 1 GB.  It is too large a program to download even with a fast internet connection.  Due to its size, it has to be sent on disk.  This also provides you with a backup in case you change computers and need to reinstall it later.  Includes: IBM SPSS Base 20 Overview, Features and Benefits 

IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base is easy to use and forms the foundation for many types of statistical analyses.

The procedures within IBM SPSS Statistics Base will enable you to get a quick look at your data, formulate hypotheses for additional testing, and then carry out a number of statistical and analytic procedures to help clarify relationships between variables, create clusters, identify trends and make predictions.

  • Quickly access and analyze massive datasets
  • Easily prepare and manage your data for analysis
  • Analyze data with a comprehensive range of statistical procedures
  • Easily build charts with sophisticated reporting capabilities
  • Discover new insights in your data with tables, graphs, cubes and pivoting technology
  • Quickly build dialog boxes or let advanced users create customized dialog boxes that make your organization’s analyses easier and more efficient
Descriptive Statistics Tests to Predict Numerical Outcomes and Identify Groups:

IBM SPSS Statistics Base contains procedures for the projects you are working on now and any new ones to come. You can be confident that you’ll always have the analytic tools you need to get the job done quickly and effectively.

What's New in IBM SPSS Base 20

Faster Processing - runs faster than everAutomatic Linear Models – A new family of algorithms makes it possible for business analysts and analytic professionals to build powerful linear models in an easy and automated manner. Syntax Editor – More than a dozen performance and ease-of-use enhancements for writing syntax in the syntax editor based on customer feedback, including tooltip tip displaying the “name,” improved scrolling, improved indentation of lines, toggle commenting “on” or “off”, the ability to split the syntax editor window, and many more. Default Measurement Level – When a data file is opened, a measurement level is automatically assigned so business analysts can focus on solving their business problem rather than manually setting the measurement level. Faster Performance – Save time when creating reports that involve large tables or a large number of smaller tables. Creating pivot tables in the output is now up to 200% times faster than before. In addition, tables will also take up less memory

With IBM SPSS Statistics Base you can be confident in your analytic results. This comprehensive software solution includes a wide range of procedures and tests to solve your business and research challenges.

Please Note:

System Requirements: License Term: 12 months


Operating system:  Microsoft Windows XP (Professional, 32-bit) or Vista® (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)

Hardware:  Intel® or AMD x86 processor running at 1GHz or higher  Memory: 1GB RAM or more recommended Minimum free drive space: 800MB***  DVD drive Super VGA (800x600) or higher-resolution monitor Web browser: Internet Explorer 7 or 8


Operating system: * Apple® Mac 10.6x (Snow Leopard™) (32-bit and 64-bit) or 10.7 (LION)



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