Shakespeare Model 4011 HF Wire Antenna

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 Shakespeare Antenna Masts, designed by Mastsystem Model 4011 HF Wire Antenna

Extended:Depends on Mast Retracted: Depends on Mast

HF Tactical Adjustable Wire Antenna This HF wire antenna kit provides a versatile range of tuned wire antenna solutions for use with vehicle-borne or manpack radios. This allows the radio operator the opportunity to build an antenna suitable for most requirements.

It can be configured as a tuned dipole for medium skywave paths with a take off angle dependent on the apex height above ground. High angle skywave can also be achieved using the kit in an inverted vee configuration with the optimum apex height. Mast supports are available upon request.

For TM51 1-1.2, TM51 5.1-1.3, TM51 6.3-1.8, and TM51 8-1.8 masts Light weight and versatile Height Extended:  Depends on Mast Height Retracted:  Depends on Mast Mast Weight:  6-10 lbs. Frequency::  1.6-30 MHz Notes: 1. Power: 160 Watts Connector: BNC female Weight: 4.2 lbs / 1.9 kg

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